This morning, at 3:07 AM, two individuals pried open the front doors to our establishment with crowbars then quickly entered the restaurant. They opened the cash drawers as well as pulled the two safes from the office and slid them out the front door. Typically, a post like this would be calling on people to identify the individuals and bring them to justice. However, since they only made away with $22, we are going to take a different spin. The damages incurred will not be covered by insurance and in the end, we would rather rob ourselves than let someone else do it. In an effort to raise a little money to cover the damages and also celebrate the pure idiocy of this burglary, starting at 3:07 pm, Tuesday, the 22nd, we will be selling all 22 of our draft beers for 22 cents, for 22 minutes! So, if you are out there, “Oceans 11,” and you want to come drink 100 beers with that $22 you stole, come on in and just for future reference, most sales in the industry these days are from credit cards so next time, you are better off knocking over your grandmother for your allowance.